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How To Increase Search Engine Ranking And Traffic

By croblogger • (April 2nd 2008)

To have good content, high ranking and traffic is of outmost importance. In this post I will tell you a little more about increasing search engine ranking, but traffic also.

These are my tips for today:

-In first place you have to have valuable content

-Think about your keywords for the article and then at the beginning place your keywords and then spread them evenly through the content

-Do a research on keywords or phrases and then use the right ones to attract the right reader

-For bloggers there is an essential plugin I use called All in one SEO. With this plugin you can do your SEO customization for homepage, but also for every post you wrote. This is highly recommended

-Have your blog or site design simple and user friendly in order to offer your readers and potential customer easy navigation through your page

-Submit your blogs or web pages to search and directory services. If you don’t have time or you’re too lazy, then hire someone to do it for you. It is recommended to do this manually, not using automated submission services.

-Do a research on your competitors who are ranked high and observe what are they doing with their content, design, navigation, keywords, etc.

-Track your visitors to see more information about your users and their habits in order to improve. There are lots of tracking tools like Google Analytics, eXTReMe Tracker or Site Meter.

-Make sure to offer your visitors as much ways to subscribe so they could visit you again -Write articles for free articles directories like, in this way you get lots of links linking to your blogs which is extremely important for your ranking, this way you are building reputation in field covered with your topic.

-Use social bookmarking and networking because they provide lots of link love and could make your blog popular very fast. With social bookmarking and networking you get indexed by search engines right away.


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